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Summary of SMC activity for Summer 2012

Educationally guided trips in Sderot:

During the past months (July& August 2012), SMC hosted 2,304 visitors from around the globe, welcoming 50 busloads of visitors in July alone.

Visitor profile:

  • 1,404 Jewish students and young adults from English-speaking countries
  • 540 Jewish students and young adults from Latin America
  • 304 Christians and non-Jewish visitors
  • 56 government officials and diplomats

The guided trip imparts the following information:

  • Rocket fire is today threatening more than one million Israelis
  • Experience of psychological terrorism
  • Terrorist organizations in Gaza, in addition to Hamas, daily threaten Israeli lives
  • Sderot as a symbol: An Israeli town, a modern western society that is being threatened by radical Islam
  • Israel’s security challenges on its borders with Gaza
  • Learning the consequences of unbalanced media coverage of our region influencing world public opinion; world policy affecting Israel’s legitimacy as a State

The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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