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Creative Writing Contest
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Last Updated: May 22, 2011 04:42:46 Hrs.

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Sun Oct 12 2008 03:22:50 ( )
"Sderot residents are busy writing poems, songs and stories for a writing competition being held next month in the rocket-battered town. The Sderot Media Center initiated this project in conjunction with the local newspaper, Din ve'Cheshbon, and the Sderot Cinematheque. The writing project enables Sderot residents, both young and old, to come together to express their individual creativity. The writers have the opportunity to tell about themselves and their life-experiences either...
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By: • Yehudit Yifrach
Sun Oct 12 2008 03:19:49 ( )
Yehudit Yifrach, fifth grader Sderot, Israel For eight years we have been shocked so many times. For these eight years we have not wanted to go play outside, Because we fear the rockets are waiting for us out there. Refrain: So let us all be strong! Not fearful Let us drive away the fear From the heart! Don‘t worry for G-d is with us. He loves us and guards us. And we love Him too. Very very much. Refrain: So let us all be...
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By: • Avital Bareli
Mon Oct 6 2008 06:48:36 ( )

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By: • Orli Yasso
Mon Oct 6 2008 06:44:03 ( )
We look the children in the eye, but we do not understand. How much we hurt them. For we all know that kassams are not birds. That’s what Hannah, the kindergarten teacher, tells us-- that one day there will be kites instead of rockets. Kites of many colors - I want mine to be red, so that everybody will notice how big and beautiful it is. I want it to be unique and powerful - Like the color of blood. I pray before God everyday, and I ask That my mother will no longer be...
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By: • Yaakov Benita
Mon Oct 6 2008 06:32:08 ( )
Author: Yaakov Benita, Age 20, Sderot You breathed out your spirit for the last time as the sun rose. Your spirit rose up to Heaven, and only the tears remained here for us. I am reminded of you whenever the birds are still. We are alone now; Heaven takes the good souls. Refrain: Ella, Ella. Guard us, guard the light. Bring the sun, drive out the darkness. Bring down the good, beloved child. Bring good and peace upon the earth. Dressed in a bridal gown, the serving...
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The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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