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By: • Anav Silverman
Sun May 22 2011 04:42:46 ( )

Nakba Day a Disastrous Tactic for Mideast Peace

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By: • Livnat Shaubi
Mon Dec 1 2008 23:49:58 ( )
Livnat Shaubi, 23, Sderot Ordinariness An explosion's echo. Smokey mushrooms in the sky. The smell of burning. A shout. An alarm. People gathering in a mass. Women crying. Babies whining. The storm after the silence. A vision of the end of days. Broken shouts of mothers at their children. Tears of friends falling on fresh graves. Fifteen seconds of life. The wail of an ambulance cutting through the crowd Freezes, threatens, and silences all. Eyes suffering...
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By: • Tom Adam
Mon Dec 1 2008 23:48:25 ( )
Tom Adam, Ninth grade, Sderot Just a normal Sderot day - another rocket alarm. You might say that we automatically run to the shelter. Quiet. This is the only time in which I manage to listen to the quiet. Absolute quiet - stillness so perfect I hardly notice even the birds. Only my heart is about to explode while I wait through those quiet seconds for the inevitable boom - the boom that ends the silence and represents our return to normal life, as if nothing happened. Time does...
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By: • Ram Balsan
Mon Dec 1 2008 23:44:51 ( )
Ram Balsan, Age 21, Sderot Dawn has come, and with it, the security alarm ‘rings’ with its timely precision. Its ring is very strange: a calm vibration followed by a loud boom. The cabinet extends its finger to this clock, Trying to hit the stop button. But the alarm wont stop. It is thrown and destroyed, But the ringing continues. And in those seconds, I hear one of my parents call, "Hurry up! We're having a family meeting!" I reply with a beating...
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By: • Or Adam
Mon Dec 1 2008 23:39:52 ( )
Or Adam, 45, Sderot A. Noam is two years old, he lives in Jerusalem. Idan is six years old now. He lives in a Moshav. In a green and fabulous kibbutz, Rinat is eight years old, already a big girl. and Moran? Moran has a bruised knee, she fell of a branch yesterday. She’s five years old, maybe, sort of, and she has an enchanted look. Moran has a scratch on her forehead, from her kitty cat - Hav Hav. Bare feet, on their way, they’re so hot right now. Moran’s hair...
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