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By: • By Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times
Wed Aug 11 2010 02:32:22 ( )
Reporting from Jerusalem Five years after then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon embarked on a landmark withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the disengagement continues to dominate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here are some of the key lessons and legacies: Although disengagement enjoyed broad support at the time, almost no one calls it a success today. The Israeli left says the pullout was bungled because Israel never gave up control over borders, air rights and the sea, and didn't...
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By: • YnetNews
Fri Jul 30 2010 05:48:55 ( )
Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin said terror organizations in the Gaza Strip "continue to arm themselves, both through production and smuggling." Diskin, who spoke in the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, noted that Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the Strip have some 5,000 rockets with a range of up to 40 km. (Amnon Meranda)
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Thu Jul 15 2010 16:00:27 ( )
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... --A Tale of Two Cities 3/18: 2, 3/19: 1, 3/20: 4, 3/21: 2, 3/22: 2, 3/23: 1, 3/26: 1, 3/27: 2, 4/1: 1, 4/2:1, 4/3:1, 4/5:1, 4/6:6 --number of rockets fired into Israel by day from Gaza in the past two weeks My town: It's beautiful, quiet Spring morning in the Northeast. The rivers are receding after the recent Old Testament-style floods. The recent cold snap has ended, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. As I lay in bed...
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Tue Jul 13 2010 06:25:26 ( )
Fertile, warm, and humid is the plain leading to the town of Sderot. The houses are yellow and white on the Negev, the desert dreamt by David Ben Gurion, the founder of modern Israel. Before the road leading into the town, there is a cafeteria full of Israeli soldiers in transit to military bases. It’s the border with Gaza and the Hamas rockets. A few kilometers from here lies Havat Shikmim, the ranch of former prime minister Ariel Sharon. Once protected and fortified, the place is now...
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By: • Dan Friedman
Tue Jul 13 2010 06:20:12 ( )
You know you’ve arrived in Sderot because you turn from the dusty highway onto a city street bordered by a thin roadside park with new decorations and beautifully manicured lawns. Three years ago this park was a dump, but donations from Jewish National Fund groups - like the one holding a ceremony in the park, under a tasteful canopy that protects participants from the blazing sun - have transformed the approach to the city. And, after mostly ignoring it for 50 years, everyone’s...
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