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By: • Phillip Graham
Wed Nov 10 2010 04:04:18 ( )
Hi all, My name is Phillip Graham and I am a first year accounting major student at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a Christian and have been a strong supporter of Israel my whole life. I was fortunate enough to attend the Sderot Media Presentation given by Noam Bedein on 18 October 2010 in Garrison Hall on the UT campus. Before the presentation began I was already bombarded by absolutely shocking pro-Palestinian propaganda in the form of a handful (five of...
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By: • By The Firing Line
Sun Oct 31 2010 03:04:49 ( )
Last Monday, Sderot Media Center director Noam Bedein presented about the devastating situation in Sderot. Noam presented his firsthand account of the danger that the people of Sderot live under as a result of constant Hamas-launched rocket attacks from within the bordering Gaza territory. Noam did not come to deny the legitimacy of other perspectives (which he didn’t), but to educate about his perspective as a civilian living in Sderot. Sderot Media Center...
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By: • Tom Gross
Sun Sep 12 2010 00:59:45 ( )
Below are more nice pictures of Gaza. Yes, there are poor areas of Gaza too. There are also plenty of slums in Paris (and London and Rome and New York), but the media tend to focus their pictures on the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysee instead. Not so in Gaza where many journalists (who in private, even more than in public, disparage Israel in every way) are doing their best to paint a distorted picture of the economic situation there, showing off the worst possible aspects -- and using words...
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By: • Merav Fima
Tue Aug 24 2010 01:02:20 ( )
In his Poetics, Aristotle suggests that “art imitates life.” This statement is certainly applicable to the Sderot Community Treatment Theatre’s current production, Children of Qassam Avenue, a dramatic reenactment of a dozen teenage girls’ traumatic experiences under the terror of Qassam rockets - which have now been falling on their hometown for the majority of their lives. The company presents an original script jointly written by the artistic director, Livnat...
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Wed Aug 18 2010 01:10:26 ( )
SMC’s Advisory Board is made up of a wide range of people including political activists, educators, community leaders, veteran journalists, and advocacy experts across the world who officially recognize and support Sderot Media’ Center’s vision to shape world opinion through the story of Sderot--via media outreach, education, and community activism. Dr. Reuven Ehrlich served in the IDF Intelligence Corps for 30 years, attaining the rank of colonel. He is a graduate of...
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