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By: • Dave Balson
Thu Feb 24 2011 04:38:04 ( )
Like everyone else on the planet, I have heard about the "complicated" situation in the Middle East my whole life: promises to fix it, hopeful negotiations that crumble behind closed doors, rockets, wars, treaties, stalemates, etc. Round and round it goes until, exasperated, I figure both sides are unwilling to reach the type of tough-but-straightforward agreements that brought peace to Ireland and South Africa, and I give up. "It's complicated" is a Facebook status, not a...
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Tue Nov 23 2010 05:24:07 ( )
There are many organizations around the world calling for Israeli boycotts in the economic, political, and academic realm in an effort called “BDS” or Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions against Israel. According to the official BDS website, the aim of this movement is to oppose and halt Israeli settlements. However, many Israeli supporters believe BDS is a movement to delegitimize either the country’s existence or her right to defend herself. One grass-roots community,...
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Wed Nov 17 2010 06:41:36 ( )
“This most impressive work is a valuable publication that presents a comprehensive picture of the many acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens.” Reuven Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset “Giulio Meotti’s book recounts in detail the kinds of terrorist attacks to which Israel has been repeatedly subjected, and which threaten the rest of the civlized world if we collectively do not take the threat seriously and respond effectively.” John...
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By: • Sarah Hindman
Wed Nov 17 2010 06:41:12 ( )
Watching trauma through the lens of a camera This is the first part of a New Voices series on Sderot. Find the second part of the series . The chapel at my Episcopalian boarding school was shaped like a crucifix. I always tried to find a seat in the back corner so no one would see me when the reverend asked us to bow our heads. Instead, when the prayers mentioned Jesus, I would look at the ceiling and say the she'hecheyanu. It was the only blessing I remembered. One summer in college, I...
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By: • Joel Jacobs
Thu Nov 11 2010 01:16:49 ( )
It may have been peace and quiet now, but shrapnel wounds in the surrounding buildings and sight of bomb shelter after bomb shelter standing alongside the everyday homes, shops and restaurants were timely reminders of darker times. This trip to Sderot had really taken the Arad participants to one of the key battlegrounds in Israel’s recent history. Standing no more than a few kilometres from the Hamas controlled territory of the Gaza strip, the town had been under constant rocket fire...
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