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By: • Dr. Alan Craig
Tue Feb 4 2014 12:11:24 ( )
Since 2000 the city of Sderot has been a target of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. British Academic Dr Alan Craig visited its media centre and heard a message of civilian suffering and communal resilience. A bus stop redesigned as a bomb shelter in a residential area of Sderot As a frequent visitor to Israel I like to think I know my way around. Heading north through Herzliya or east to Jerusalem is to pass through familiar territory. South of Tel...
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By: • Jordana Lebowitz
Mon Dec 16 2013 11:04:34 ( )
I, as a Canadian teenager, anticipate my next exam with stress and unease, waiting for the strike to hit. They anticipate the rockets, the next strike of an endless stream. Will it be one, two or ten today? How about tomorrow? Sometimes the quiet is deadlier than a war. More tolling and unsure. The reality is incomprehensible for many. Yet, here it exists. For 14 years to date, Sderot, a small city located in southern Israel, has been under rocket attack. Men, women and children of all...
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By: • Sarah Hindman
Tue May 21 2013 12:51:58 ( )
This is the first part of a New Voices series on Sderot. . The chapel at my Episcopalian boarding school was shaped like a crucifix. I always tried to find a seat in the back corner so no one would see me when the reverend asked us to bow our heads. Instead, when the prayers mentioned Jesus, I would look at the ceiling and say the she'hecheyanu. It was the only blessing I remembered. One summer in college, I again found myself looking at the ceiling. This time, instead of being the only Jew...
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By: • Elisha Breningstall
Wed Nov 21 2012 14:44:11 ( )
After over 100 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli civilians over the course of just a few days, Israel struck back with an iron fist. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) blew up the Mercedes of Ahmed al-Jabaari, leader of the Hamas military wing (do they have a NON-military wing?), and mastermind behind the now infamous kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The IAF also assassinated Yahiya Abiya, head of the Hamas rocket program, and the evil man responsible for most of the...
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By: • BlueStar Israel Programs
Tue Jun 26 2012 22:49:52 ( )
I visited the southern Israeli city of Sderot, which illuminates the brutality of radical Muslims. This city also embodies the spirit of Israel to resist. The city resembles a small and rural city. The buildings are a little run down with a small population. The first location I visited was a media center, which looked little more than a small apartment. I met the Director of the Media Center named Noam Bedein who is a photojournalist. Sderot had taken the brunt of the bombings from Gaza. As...
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