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By: • BlueStar Israel Programs
Tue Jun 26 2012 22:45:02 ( )
Eric Medeiros looking in the distance by some rocket that have been shot at Sderot Sderot, a city in southern Israel just off of the Gaza strip, is an amazing city with an amazing story. The people there are so nice and welcoming, but have to live their lives in fear. Hundreds and hundreds of rockets were fired at Sderot and many people have been killed and injured. Many of the people tell their stories and how this changed their lives. They never know when a rocket is going to land near...
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By: • Max Fruchter
Thu Jun 7 2012 01:28:51 ( )
No long showers? No loud music? Constant threat of rocket attack? Welcome to the town of Sderot, Israel. A caterpillar bomb shelter in a Sderot playground. Photos credit: Max Fruchter As one of eight children, I was shocked by the sight before my eyes. The bomb shelter looked like it held only about 25 people. Unfortunately, in most cases there are more than 25 civilians who need shelter here. Yet this isn’t what bothered me the most. The fact that there were at least five other...
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Tue Dec 15 2009 07:41:29 ( )
Sderot Media Center recently assisted National Public Radio’s Lourdes Garcia-Navarro with a segment on Sderot a year following Operation Cast Lead. Garcia-Navarro interviewed two Sderot high school girls, Rotem Timsit and Lenoy Shushan, who took part in SMC’s Sderot Community Treatment Theater project. Listen to the story: View the photos: Below is the text from the radio segment: December 15, 2009: New figures show that the number of rockets fired from the...
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By: • Jacob Shrybman
Fri Aug 28 2009 06:53:33 ( )
Following four rocket and mortar attacks in southern Israel this week making it 230 attacks since the ceasefire on January 18th, ranking Republican member of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Sderot, Israel and the shut down Sderot Emergency Center accompanied by the yesterday. During the visit, Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen noted the still apparent rocket threat, “It is only a ceasefire for Israel. It is...
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By: • Ryan Mauro
Mon Aug 24 2009 02:25:31 ( )
Thanks to the generosity of Israel Experience program, I was able to finally take a dream trip to Israel, which included camel rides, sleeping in a Bedouin tent in the Negev Desert, meeting members of the Knesset and other government officials, and visiting all the high-profile places in the country, such as Jerusalem and now-Muslim Nazareth as well as Bethlehem and Efrat in the West Bank. As beautiful as those sites are, one location and its people stand out above all others: the brave...
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The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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