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Tue Jul 20 2010 05:05:18 ( )
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By: Anav Silverman
Tue Jul 20 2010 05:01:31 ( )
JERUSALEM 11.5.10: With two months until the end of the school year, several students at the religious AMIT high school of Sderot found themselves fulfilling a lifelong dream. Rotem Timsit and nine other Sderot girls, high school-aged actresses, who are part of , got to perform in the Knesset this past Tuesday. Watch video footage of the event there! In front of a full house which included Knesset speaker and MK Reuven Rivlin, former Defense Minister Amir Peretz and other MKs, as well as...
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By: • Ron Friedman
Thu Apr 29 2010 06:38:36 ( )
“Unfortunately, people here have to live with bomb shelters. We’re here doing a little something to bring some color to something that’s here for an ugly reason,” said American graffiti artist Cycle, summing up perfectly the aim of the Artists 4 Israel mission to Israel. Tuesday was the group’s third day in Sderot, where urban artists from the United States, Spain, Mexico and Israel have been busy beautifying the bombarded city’s public bomb shelters. ...
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By: • Sderot Media Center
Sun Mar 7 2010 01:31:21 ( )
The Sderot Media Center facilitates social projects on behalf of the youth of Sderot who live under constant attack from Gaza. One of those projects is the Sderot Community Treatment Theater program, which focuses on teenage girls who have suffered symptoms of trauma in the wake of the aerial attacks which have continued for eight years on the city of Sderot. Gabe Regan is an American young man who made the unusual decision to share the joy of his bar Mitzvah with the young people of...
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By: Anav Silverman
Mon Nov 23 2009 06:55:35 ( )
Sderot, Israel: If you heard Color Red siren alerts in Sderot on Wednesday night, October 14, it was not because rockets were being fired from Gaza, as the 19,000 residents of Sderot have had to endure during the past eight years. Instead, the siren alerts were part of a play produced by the , called Children of Qassam Avenue. The play, which incorporates both the serious and comical aspects of Sderot life and features a hilariously entertaining Moroccan grandmother, had the audience both...
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