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By: • Rob Cohen
Mon Jan 26 2009 01:38:31 ( )
For 8 long years the people of Sderot and the Western Negev have endured a torture that contravenes all moral and legal codes in the western world. For 8 long years missiles and mortar shells have rained down on a region that wants nothing more than to live in peace to raise their families and to go about their daily business. But as with most torture, the psychological element is so much more damaging than the physical element. The fear of not knowing, and the fear of knowing. At any...
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By: Anav Silverman
Thu Dec 25 2008 06:11:11 ( )
Before Palestinian rockets began raining down on Sderot, shattering the uneasy calm of the region, Sderot Media Center met with two groups of high school students who will be taking part in the community theater therapy program initiated by Sderot Media Center. The goal of the theater project is to first provide treatment therapy to Sderot youth through the art of theater. The second goal is to allow these youth to share their life under rocket terror with Israelis and the international...
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By: • Meital Ohayon
Wed Dec 3 2008 00:43:30 ( )
The Residents of Sderot Express Their Thoughts about Life’s Reality through Poetry and Short Stories Anyone who lives at the Western Negev area, like me, became familiar with the fictitious calmness which rested upon our area in the past months. The human nature drives us to proceed, to carry on, to live and to forget the difficult days of the past, but deep inside, we all fear from the upcoming days. The Sderot Media Center is preparing to provide aid for the residents of Sderot and...
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By: • Sderot Media Center
Mon Oct 13 2008 02:24:52 ( )
For the past eight years, the residents of Sderot and the western Negev, in particular children, have been greatly impacted by the rocket fire reality of the region. Rocket explosions and warning alarms leave kids feeling anxious, fearful and depressed. One study found that between 70 to 90 percent of Sderot children suffer from signs of post traumatic stress disorder. Among Sderot Media Center’s many activities, which includes relating the human story of Sderot, SMC places special...
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Sun Oct 12 2008 03:22:50 ( )
"Sderot residents are busy writing poems, songs and stories for a writing competition being held next month in the rocket-battered town. The Sderot Media Center initiated this project in conjunction with the local newspaper, Din ve'Cheshbon, and the Sderot Cinematheque. The writing project enables Sderot residents, both young and old, to come together to express their individual creativity. The writers have the opportunity to tell about themselves and their life-experiences either...
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The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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