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By: • Sderot Media Center
Mon Feb 16 2009 01:36:01 ( )
SMC’s Current Project: Sderot Media Center is currently working to establish a group of area youth who, with the help of digital cameras, will document life in Sderot with the guidance of a professional photographer. A professional photographer will instruct beginner students and provide them with the necessary tools for working with photoshop and photo layout. The students will also gain upfront access to Sderot Media Center and will learn how a media center operates under real-time,...
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Mon Feb 16 2009 01:19:45 ( )
The purpose: building an on line archive will enable to create short videos/creations/stories on the basis of the human and social story, with the assistance of professional editors, communication students from Israel and abroad. The goal: creating hasbara/media advocacy tools (ammunition) that would be marketed and advertisement through the different menus of media in Israel and around the world. The SMC have contained hundreds of hours of video quality footage from the past over 2 years. ...
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By: • Sderot Media Center
Mon Feb 16 2009 01:13:00 ( )
The challenge today in Sderot, is to tell the story. Every single family has its own unique story of a kassam rocket exploding next to them... How do you tell so many stories? How does one express a reality where rockets fall daily upon civilian homes, kindergartens, schools and synagogues? "To listen, observe and to try to put into words my feelings and thoughts. As a photo journalist- Sometimes taking photographs would do the job. Every photo is a unique experience and as the saying...
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By: • Sderot Media Center
Mon Feb 16 2009 01:07:55 ( )
In the past 8 years, over 7,000 Qassam missiles and mortar shells have been fired towards Sderot and the Western Negev, killing and injuring many citizens. Today, due to the security situation, many delegations and groups fear of visiting Sderot. This fear has separated Sderot from center and north of Israel. Therefore, we, the Sderot Media Center, had decided to initiate a writing project, which sole purpose was to tell the story of the people of Sderot. Doing so has enabled us to raise the...
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Sun Feb 8 2009 03:06:18 ( )

THIS YEAR the SMC launches the Sderot Community Treatment Theater to help youth in the region to express their fears and share their stories through the avenue of the arts. The SMC vision is to open a facility that will serve as a center for therapy treatment for youth victims. It is critical that Israeli victims of Palestinian missile terror learn to tell their stories--first to one another, the Israeli public and eventually across the world.

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The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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