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War in southern Israel
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War in southern Israel
38 Articles
Last Updated: October 22, 2013 11:31:24 Hrs.

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By: • Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver
Tue Oct 22 2013 11:31:24 ( )
SDEROT-- Fifteen seconds is the difference between life and death for residents in a small village 100 kilometers from Jerusalem. In Sderot, an agricultural village just a stone's throw from the Gaza border, the fear of attack weighs heavy on everyone's mind. A giant multicolored slide stands in the middle of a playground at Kibbutz Mefalsim just outside Sderot. The structure is between two white cement blocks painted with brown monkeys and green flowers, and a narrow opening on one side....
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By: Noam Bedein
Tue Mar 3 2009 07:36:09 ( )
In early September, I was invited to take part in a press conference in Oslo, along with the Israeli ambassador to Norway, members of the Norwegian media and members of the Norwegian parliament. The title of the press conference was "Iran: At Sderot's Back Door." It was at that press conference that "rocket reality" was presented before Norwegians for the first time, showing the Western Negev as the only place in the Western world where rockets and missiles are fired at...
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By: • Rob Cohen
Wed Feb 4 2009 07:20:30 ( )
Many people come to the Sderot Media Centre to be given a first hand insight into the impact of the 8 years of “rocket reality” in the Western Negev; journalists, film-makers, diplomats, politicians, presidents and prime ministers. However, this week, in a slight departure from the usual visitor, the “Joe the Plumber” straight-talking club hit town harder than a Qassam! Joe visited Sderot with the Government Press Office director, Danny Seaman. Samuel Wurzelbacher,...
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By: • Livnat Shaubi
Wed Feb 4 2009 07:18:53 ( )
It isn't a secret that the citizens of Sderot are the most experienced and trained citizens in the country of Israel, when dealing with rockets. It isn't a secret either that the children of Sderot can brief the children of the other parts of the country, that have just joined in the line of fire. After 8 years this is understandable. The sights, horrors and non-conventional experiences they have had, that are so different from those of children living in the rest of the country. The way they...
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By: Anav Silverman
Wed Feb 4 2009 07:16:21 ( )
There have been many questions bouncing around in the media this week. Why is Israel at war? Why are there so many Hamas militia dead? Why are Hamas firing rockets at Israel? A war of resistance, some say. Israel is holding a siege against Gaza. Palestinians are starving and suffering. For those who seek objective answers to those questions, it is crucial to understand the impact that Palestinian rocket terror has had on Sderot and the western Negev in the past eight years. During this time...
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The people under siege in Sderot and the Western Negev want to tell their story.

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