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By: Anav Silverman
Thu Nov 20 2008 08:16:32 ( )
CJ from Georgia, USA has been playing for Kibbutz Be'eri's basketball team for the past few months. Sderot Media Center recently interviewed CJ about his experience playing basketball under Palestinian rocket fire. CJ explained that he never thought that he would be in this kind of situation. He told Sderot Media Center that he has trouble sleeping at night because of the sirens and exploding rockets. "I was more shocked that afraid. People here on the kibbutz...
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By: • Sarah Gilson
Mon Nov 17 2008 10:50:29 ( )
Noam Bedein, a young resident of Sderot, Israel and creator of Sderot Media Center, traveled to Brandeis’ Rapaporte Treasure Hall this past Tuesday to discuss the violence occurring in his little town near the Gaza Strip. The event was sponsored by BZA - the Brandeis Zionist Alliance, an organization that aims to educate students about Israel and increase awareness of Israeli culture and news. In the three years that Bedein, a photojournalist, has lived in Sderot, he has experienced...
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By: Anav Silverman
Mon Nov 17 2008 10:43:18 ( )
Throughout Monday morning, the Tzeva Adom sounded in communities in the western Negev, as Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of Qassam rockets at Eshkol from Gaza. Approximately seven Qassam missiles landed in the Eshkol region, causing damage to several houses on a western Negev kibbutz. An additional five Qassam missiles were fired at the western Negev in the afternoon and evening, causing no reported damage or injury. Photo: Hamutal Ben Shitrit On...
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By: Noam Bedein
Tue Nov 11 2008 06:24:41 ( )
Getting Ready for the Next Round of Missile Escalation from Gaza: A personal documentary by Noam Bedein (4 min) Photo: Rick Burres In capturing a playground and a bomb shelter in the same photograph, I capture a scene that is both unique and unacceptable in the entire world. The situation of Sderot and the western Negev begs a question-- what other western democracy in the world would tolerate even 1 rocket fired at its civilians? What other country in...
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By: Anav Silverman
Sat Oct 25 2008 10:20:06 ( )
As the six-month long ceasefire between Hamas and Israel nears to an end, residents of Sderot and the western Negev still remain under the intense threat of Palestinian rocket fire. Only this past Tuesday night, October 21--two months before the ceasefire officially concludes on December 19-- a Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza crashed into the Ashkelon beach, injuring no one. In the context of an uncertain new year with the potential resuming of massive rocket attacks, it is quite...
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