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Who is the Hamas?
8 Articles
Last Updated: June 24, 2010 06:14:22 Hrs.

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By: • Yaakov Katz
Thu Jun 24 2010 06:14:22 ( )
Hamas gunmen used Palestinian children as human shields, and established command centers and and during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip last year, according to a new Israeli report being released on Monday that aims to counter criticism of the IDF. Hamas using kids as human shields. The detailed 500-page report, obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post, was written by , a small research group led by Col. (res.) Reuven Erlich, a former Military...
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By: Anav Silverman
Thu Jun 10 2010 03:49:30 ( )
As a native of Maine, immediately caught my eye when scanning the news. Hamman, a South Portland video producer, describes his experience in harrowing terms, leaving his audience of readers in little doubt that Israeli soldiers are no better than the Hamas terrorists who fire rockets at Israel's civilian communities. Indeed if the Gaza aid flotilla succeeded in anything, it was in painting precisely this portrait of Israel's army to the world. Soldiers become terrorists, and terrorists...
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By: • Jacob Shrybman
Sat May 8 2010 14:14:56 ( )
When developing this article I really couldn't decide if I was going to write it in a satirical manner or in a concerned manner? The concept was just so ridiculous to me I wasn't sure how to convey it to the world. The military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas, the Al Qassam Brigades, that murders, pillages, persecutes, fires rockets, stones, lynches, blows themselves up, etc. - has a Twitter account. No folks, I am not joking. The days are over when the world is spooked by the...
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By: • Yaakov Katz
Tue Nov 24 2009 04:58:49 ( )
October 9, 2009: Hamas is making efforts to obtain longer-range rockets with greater accuracy and larger warheads to improve its rocket force capability, according to a report written by Y., a former deputy head of the Shin Bet. The report was published Thursday by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Entitled "Hamas in Combat," the article was co-authored by Jeffrey White, a veteran of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Y., the former deputy head of the Shin Bet who was...
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By: Anav Silverman
Thu Sep 24 2009 01:36:38 ( )
When the head of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict, , appeared on Al Jazeera after releasing the findings of his commission’s report last week, he shed some more light on the purpose of his mission’s report. Speaking with the Al Jazeera interviewer, Goldstone elucidated that he personally hoped that the commission’s report would ultimately lead to prosecutions of Israel and Palestinian armed forces in the International Criminal Court. Such prosecutions would...
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