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Accomplishments and Recognition

Summary Summer 2012 The Sderot Media Center is now recognized as a grass roots voice and face for 45,000 Israelis who have lived under daily missile attacks for the past seven years.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially requested that the Sderot Media Center provide all Israeli diplomatic offices around the world with first-hand exclusive material that the Sderot Media Center has produced, documented and presented

1,500 comprehensive packets of Sderot Media Center print and audiovisual materials were distributed to 101 Israel diplomatic missions by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and funded through Stand with Us.

State of Israel
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
January 6, 2009

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been greatly assisted by Sderot Media Center's material and documentation of the rocket attacks on Sderot. The center provided instruction to the MFA foreign press team (through lectures and telephone conferences). The MFA also distributed SMC material documenting the reality of Sderot residents living in the shadow of continuous rocket fire.

Because we found that the material produced by the center meets high journalistic standards, we decided to work with the center and have distributed over 3000 SMC information kits to foreign journalists via our embassies and consulates throughout the world. The information packets included articles (translated into five languages) that were written by journalists who visited Sderot and a DVD with 5 video clips from SMC, which convey the personal stories of Sderot residents behind the headlines.

Based on the feedback we have received from the ground, countless foreign journalists are using the SMC information packets, especially since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead. The packets provide information and visual material to journalists researching the conflict, in addition to connecting them with Sderot Media Center and other active organizations in the region.

We wish Sderot Media Center much luck in its blessed work.

Eddie Shapira,
MFA Spokesman


The SMC has hosted a slew of major news outlets in the world, and facilitated features about the human face of Sderot in The New York Times, The London Sunday Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, LA Times, CNN, EuroNews and even on BBC, on a monthly basis taking footage from SMC. The January 2008 front page New York Times feature that was facilitated by SMC essentially placed the issue of the human crisis that has resulted from Sderot's missile crisis on the agenda of the American Jewish Establishment.

The SMC has contracted with three of the largest Internet news sites in Israel, providing them with footage and background interviews as events transpire, in real time.

A calculation was made that the SMC's message to the media has reached 400 million people around the Globe, which has helped to place Sderot on the world map, while explaining Israel's current position in the Israeli- Arab conflict.

The SMC coverage of Sderot has brought the attention of many pro-Israel organizations to take serious note of the Sderot Missile Reality and generated financial support for Sderot in many ways.


MEDIA ADVOCACY: Advocating legal rights for residents of Sderot & the Western Negev

Bomb Shelters and the protections of the schools

  • On March 2007, SMC produced five investigative articles that were written about the lack of the protection for schools and bomb shelters which were not suitable for the residents in Sderot and the Western Negev SMC did not leave its investigations to gather dust on a shelf...
  • Indeed, SMC generated a media campaign before the opening of the school year last year, inviting journalists from Israel and from all over the world, along with foreign diplomats from nine countries to visit unprotected schools - holding impromptu press conferences at all of these schools The SMC press pressure worked: After a few months- 90% of the bomb shelters in Sderot were repaired. Millions of dollars were allocated and spent to reinforce schools and kindergartens in Sderot and the Western Negev. .
  • The non profit organization- "Operation Life Shield", which constructed private bomb shelters throughout the Western Negev acknowledges the vital role that SMC played in exposing the human effects of the missile reality with our videos, articles, blogs and interviews in English and that thanks to this exposure, they were able to fundraise for these bomb shelters.
  • In addition, SMC also facilitated investigative reports about the lack of staff and budget in the Sderot Mental Health Center, revealing that 4.5 million dollars that were allocated by the Jewish philanthropies from abroad never arrived at the mental center. After this SMC expose, some of the allocation was eventually allocated directly to the Sderot Mental Health Center.
  • Yet the most comprehensive investigative reports produced by the SMC concerning the dysfunctional and corruption ridden Israel Tax Authority, which is supposed to provide immediate compensation to any Israeli citizen who has suffered property loss and/or mental damage as a result of enemy attacks on civilian targets.

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